The Iron Age

And these are Christians! — God! the horror of it!—
How long, O Lord! how long, O Lord! how long
Wilt Thou endure this crime? and there, above it,
Look down on Earth nor sweep away the wrong!

Are these Thy teachings? —Where is then that pity,
Which bade the weary, suffering come to Thee? —
War takes its toll of life in field and City,
And Thou must see! — O Christianity!

And then the children! — Oh, Thou art another!
Not God! but Fiend, whom God has given release! —
Will prayer avail naught? tears of father, mother?
To give at last the weary world surcease

From butchery? that back again hath brought her
Into that age barbarian that priced
Hate above Love; and, shod with steel and slaughter,
Stamped on the Cross and on the face of Christ.

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