The Pond

And I told the boy next door
What Jack Frost had done; and he
Said, "Ah shucks! that's nothing; see?
I have seen all that before.
You just come along with me;
I will show you something more."

And he took me to a lot
Where there was a shallow pool;
And this pool was frozen; full
Of the slickest ice. I got
On it, but he said, "You fool!
It will break. You'd better not."

And right then it broke. O my!
In I went above my knees.
Thought that I would surely freeze.
Old Jack Frost just caught me by
Both my legs; began to squeeze;
And then I began to cry.

I just helloed, and the boy
Helloed too; until a man,
With a dinner-pail or can,
Heard us, and cried out, "Ahoy!
What 've you run into? " — Then ran
Till he got there, to our joy.

He just took me round the waist,
Lifted me as easy; so;
Then he said, "I think, by Joe!
You two boys were both in haste
To go skating, don't you know?
Better wait till summer's chased.

"Where you live, eh?" — And I told. —
"Well, we'll have to hurry. Come.
Old Jack Frost has nipped my thumb.
I shall have an awful cold;
And suppose that you'll have some.
Can't be helped. Hope Ma won't scold.

"My! but you're a mighty fine
Little boy! Remind me of
One at home — my own — I love.
Eyes just like yours — clear as wine. —
There now! I have lost my glove. —
You're just like that boy of mine.

"Wish he knew you. Got blue eyes
Same as yours and same brown hair.
But he's crippled. Has a chair
Where he sits all day, or lies.
'He's our only love and care' —
So his mother says, then cries.

"Here's your street and here's your home.
Run 'long to your mother. Then —
I'll be seeing you again.
So long. Hope the day will come
My boy'll be like you young men,
Straight and strong and mettlesome."

Then he went and, man alive!
I felt sorrier for that man
With his battered dinner-can,
And his crippled boy, than I've
Ever felt. And I began
Crying; and then made a dive

For the back-door. Won't forget
All the fuss there: first they told
Mother, and — how she did scold!
Father said, "This getting wet
Will, I'm sure, give you a cold." —
But I have n't had it yet.

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